HKRCAS & CSFP Research Collaboration By Zahid Anwar

Prof Dr Zahid Anwar, Director CSFP ( China Study Forum, Pakistan) was invited for a talk on 19th December 2023 in Guangzhou (Canton) by Dr Nian Peng, Director of the Hong Kong Research Center for Asian Studies. Dr Nian Peng welcomed Prof Dr Zahid Anwar to his Center and discussed many issues the people of the region are facing.  Prof Zahid Anwar thanked Dr Nian Peng, the Director for the invitation. The Hong Kong Research Center for Asian Studies (RCAS) is a nonprofit research organization focusing on Asian affairs. It is a newly established institution founded in February 2022 by Dr. Nian Peng in Haikou and subsequently moved to Hong Kong in September 2023. To date, RCAS has conducted research programs on maritime disputes in the South China Sea (SCS), China’s relations with the Indo-Pacific states, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), terrorism/counterterrorism in the Afg-Pak region, and so on. It is committed to promoting maritime cooperation, regional integration, and regional peace in the Indo-Pacific region at large. Prof Dr. Zahid Anwar welcomed the proposal of Dr Nian Peng for joint research on important regional issues. By Zahid Anwar

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