China Social Science Forum 2023-
Visiting Gwadar Deep Sea Port
International Conference on CPEC, Beijing, China
Gwadar Sea Coast
UIBE International Youth Conference
ADA University, Bako, Azerbaijan
International Conference on Cultural Heritage at Peking University, China
Meeting with Cultural Councillor 5923
Northwest University, Xian, China
International Academic Forums of South and Southeast Asian University Network 2023
About PEDF

The Peace, Education and Development Foundation (PEDF) as the name shows is focused on promoting awareness and quality research in the area of peace, education and development. The foundation is trying to highlight the issues of peace and conflict, higher education, regional connectivity and development in Pakistan, Afghanistan and China Region. It strives for bringing a positive change in the society. The PEDF through its research journal JHEDS also endeavors to deeply understand Afghanistan, China and Pakistan relations, institutional linkages, and people to people contacts in the context of peace, higher education and development. The PEDF is an endeavor to deepen local understanding of higher education, development, society, economy, culture, language and political system of the countries in the region. The PEDF aims at achieving continuous advancement through research and dissemination of information about the subject area in a manner that is in tune with the ground realities. It draws from the cultural, intellectual, and economic resources of local, national and global relevant data to enrich and strengthen its panorama and strives for excellence in research in its domain. The PEDF strives to become an excellent think-tank in research, learning and study in the region by producing research as per international standard.

The aim and objectives of the PEDF are:

  1. To serve as a forum for endeavors and research on issues related to peace, education, development, health and human welfare particularly in Pakistan and generally at the region at large.
  2. To bring together persons actively engaged in research, teaching and practice in aforementioned areas.
  3. To foster interdisciplinary scholarship, research, education, and training.
  4. To encourage scholarly, scientific and practical exchange and cooperation among those institutions engaged in the study of education, peace and development at the regional level

Prevention and Countering  Terrorism Seminar Report by Prof Zahid Anwar

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